We, at Visual Zest, believe that logic can only get you from A→B. Creativity and Imagination, on the other hand, can get you everywhere. When the satisfaction of logic combines with the pleasure of creativity, we feel complete. And that is what Visual Zest is all about.
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Make the customer the hero of your story

What we Do


Brand Analysis | Competitor Analysis | Customer Research


Objectives | Resources | Marketing Mix


Social | Technological | Economical


Channel | Creative | Consumer


Improvise | Adapt | Overcome

Design in the silent ambassador of your brand


Web Designing

Web Design is all about creating a ‘Concept Design’, which in turn makes your website appear appealing & user-friendly to your audience. Have something in mind? We recreate it online. Don’t know what’s best for your brand? We create templates for you to choose from. We take your brief and come up with a contemporary, unique design tailor made for your business.

Graphic Designing

Communicating visually makes information more interactive and easy to consume. Visual communication is so important that we named our brand after it! At Visual Zest, all your graphic requirements are taken care of. Whether you want a funky social media graphic, or a sophisticated business brochure, our designs adapt to the platform you want to use them on.


Animation is the art of bringing graphics to life. At Visual Zest, we develop the idea of the animation with the client, and then create a state of the art visual imagery for full-length feature animated films, short-form media, or simple business videos. Scripting, designing, directing and producing animation is all on us!

Development is the art of converting design into reality


Web Development

Web Development is the art of converting your Web Design into reality; something that is functional, secure & bug-free. At Visual Zest, we create websites that satisfy your expectations and are unique to you. For most of our websites, we create a CMS (Content Management System), so that once the website is ready, you can make any changes in the future without the need to know coding!

Application Development

Visual Zest considers the needs of your business and builds a mobile app that best suits your requirements. If you need something with high functionality and have a customer login system, then a mobile app would be worthwhile because of the performance benefits it offers. We build apps for both ‘iOS’ and ‘Android’ platforms.

Commercial Video

Editing, restructuring, and manipulating video shots is what video editing is about. Visual Zest offers video editing services to make your video internet ready. We not only offer post-production processing, but also shooting of the video for personal or commercial use.

Business has only two functions - Innovation & Marketing



If marketing is about reaching out to your potential audience, branding is about making an everlasting impression on them. At Visual Zest, we study your brand inside out to understand how the existing branding efforts can be improved, or what new branding objectives can be introduced in order to create a buzz about the product/service.


Visual Zest also offers physical & digital products at competitive rates. Our product offerings include: Domain & Web Hosting, Logo Design, Business Card, Brochure, Flyer, Web Templates, CMS Templates.

Digital Marketing

Not only does Digital Marketing allow you to reach out to a global audience at low costs, it also allows you to create a personalized experience which can be easily tracked. Visual Zest takes a very customized approach towards each brand, understanding their audience and their behaviour, and then implements the right marketing tools to achieve the predetermined objectives.

Continuous Growth

Because no great brand was built overnight.

Targeted Approach

Because not everyone has the same appetite for content.

Out-of-Box Thinking

Because Viral Content was never made by doing what the crowd does.

Maximized ROI

Because ROI is much more important than the number of likes.